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Green Pages Directory Insight

Green Pages for personal or business listings is a page filing system (electronic and paper print) created for a type of directory or database that promotes its public or private listings in a certain record of category to be searched by someone to gain a mutual interest by a product or service provided for anyone to utilize. Green is a color that has been historically associated with something (or someone) in a natural capacity. For instance, trees are green. Therefore, people associate trees with the color green for imagery purposes to get a person to think nature or natural. Colors of have been used for this purpose all throughout history, in associating someone or something with a universal meaning. Another example is the color red being associated with “hot,” like in a fire or blue being associated with “cold,” like ice. Color meanings have been used all over the world to establish some sort of predominant or primary meaning in relation to something in existence.


In regard to a directory, which is a database of people, places, businesses, etc., the color green can create a natural disposition with tangible or intangible products or services, sought after by someone. A directory classifies and organizes information pertaining to a public or private person, who has a product or service for which they offer on a public or private basis. When someone is searching for something in particular, they often seek online or offline (by a publication with a database of listings) to find what he or she is interested in obtaining, whether it be something that they need or simply something that they want. Results are achieved once they find what they are looking for within the directory that they utilized to perform a search.


Like a yellow pages directory, a green pages directory provides listings of businesses offering a product or service made available to the public or leading someone to make a private contact through such a listing. While a yellow pages focuses on public information in relation to a submitted listing to its public directory database, green pages can create a tendency to focus on similar types of personal or business listings, but oftentimes without the corporate aspect of conducting business. In the case of a genuine green pages directory, the directory would clearly focus on natural business being conducted by human beings, without all of the corporate “red tape” put in place to shield corporate persons from potential liabilities involving the products and/or services offered through his or her incorporated business. Then, with a person having incorporated to such an artificial status to simply do business with other human beings, they place all types of unreasonable “policies,” “rules,” and “procedures” in place against anyone who gives them business (finance) by ’supply and demand’ or even necessity methods.


With a genuine green pages directory, a person can simply list his or her ethical service and/or quality product, while being in their natural status as a human being. A natural way to do business, is simply to create a unique (or needed based upon economical standards) product or service to supply to the public, without infringing upon anyone’s birthrights, leading to holding someone to an adhesive contractual arrangement setup to administer private theft, and oftentimes fraud and deception, to people giving their finance towards such a product or service being offered to the public. This is what commonly takes place in today’s day and age involving business and typical business practices because of political agendas in place that force (or trick) many people to operate as artificial persons thus placing their business listings in directories as such. The corporate routine agenda can lead to an unnatural perpetual cycle that keeps people operating outside of their natural capacity, while their giving-in to an unnatural corporate hierarchy for racketeering profits.


To remedy some of the unnatural business listings, listed as corporate artificial persons or entities, a genuine green pages directory (by conscious implementation and moderation) can place people back to his or her natural status as a human being in conducting business around the world. This can work on a mutual basis, as directory listings submitted to a green pages directory (with a conscious directory owner) accepts business listings from natural people and provides a means for people to search and find products and services that cater to natural people, who are not willing to be corporate artificial persons or conduct business as such, but simply would like to utilize products or services without hindrance and without their birthrights being violated, nor their violating anyone else’s right to association in conducting business. This is just an example of what it takes to be natural when doing business, whether online or offline and a green pages directory could be the first step to stepping outside of the unnatural way of doing business, while getting back into a natural state of mind and a natural state of being. Overall, be sure to learn to think… “green” means natural and natural can prove better when it comes to business.


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