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In the vast Age of Information (The Aquarian Age), many, who are not familiar with the true history of the Americas (North, South, Central, and the adjoining islands), have been intentionally miseducated, misinformed, and deceived about who the Moors / Muurs were and are to this day, by genuine bloodline. Bloodline descent is the traditional, natural human being mechanism for passing on genetics and Deoxyribonucleic Acid [DNA] on to another human being in the creation process, all completed through the woman (womb-man), now divinely assisted by man (the son) by natural design, who came to the Earthly Plane through the woman as a Moslem (fetus). The passing on of such chemical compounds and substance (which human beings truly consist of by means of biology and biochemistry) is no mere coincidence, but the Divine Intervention of the Creator of Worlds and existence as the people of the world have come to know it. Many knowledgeable people do realize that the true Creator, the one True God of the Universe, has made such so for an ultimate reason and purpose.


With human history having been so intentionally broken, shattered, and scattered throughout the world, only to be somehow kept and sparingly preserved by honourable few, who realize that the truth of our history can and will set us free from our current, distraught state of mind and being, there are many people throughout the world, who pretend not to know who Moors / Muurs were and are, to date. The true hereditary genetic makeup and heritage of the Moors / Muurs is evident even today, but still denied by willful negligence of elitists and their entourage, who found a way to defeat the Moors / Muurs, in one of the biggest wars in world history… especially by those who know true world history. Whether realized by a scholar or simply someone who is studied well enough, history and its chronological movements / transitions, to date, have been known to have been both troubling and empowering (balanced) in regard to evolution and what the future truly holds for humanity.


Prior to the late 1700’s, the aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs were clearly distinguished and honourably recognized throughout the world as having been of the highest of majesty and nobility, as well as having been the true cultivators of Mother Earth and her lands, who have also been ordained by the Creator of Worlds to create in his image upon the Earthly Plane. Such responsibility and duty given to the Moors / Muurs, who are the Mothers and Fathers of civilization as the educated people of the world have come to know it, has been astrologically and cosmologically put in place by the absolute intelligence and will of the Creator, to fulfill an unfathomed plan and objective leading to the overall growth and evolution of humanity and lifeforms around the world.


It has been proven by truth seekers around the world, and fortified in recent years, who the Moors / Muurs were and who they truly are today. The pacified mystery has finally been unveiled again, as to why Divine Beings manifested in the flesh on the Earthly Plane, have been historically oppressed, persecuted, misidentified, misclassified (politically) and even denationalized (as Moors / Muurs are the genuine nation-bearers through the woman), by the most malicious of intents of many agreeing conspirators, who have been constantly working in collusion with others throughout their bloodlines, outside of and inside of, the true Moorish bloodlines. The truly noble and majestic world history of the aboriginal and indigenous peoples of the lands is being re-revealed by the courageous and honourable people of the world, who realize the importance of the restoration of the Divine Order Republic of the World, which is / was still recognized to this very day, as the Al Moroccan Republic Empire. And, for those who have not yet come to fully comprehend, the term “Moor / Muur” is short for Moroccan, having its actual roots to the Al Moroccan (American) Empire and its divine legacy, with respect to the present day nation state “Morocco.” – although present day Morocco (forced into a kingdom oligarchy by historical war loss assimilation and foreign subjugation) is not ruled by the true heirs, but by the descendants of those who overthrew the empire in a vicious, drawn-out, calculated, cold war, which eventually led to the defeat of the Moors / Muurs.


There have been many, many wars and casualties created by such wars throughout world history, concerning the welfare of the natural people and those who ruled in the stead of growing, natural people (souls), to help them ascend by their particular purpose on the Earthly Plane. World wars have constantly been between the Moors / Muurs and the Europeans, who’s existence is a direct result of Ancient Moorish Science, divinity, and ancient culture. Moors / Muurs have rightfully ruled the lands by many loving hands and by the Divine Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice symbolized in different ways, but formal, aboriginal credentials given to the honourable Moroccan, red flag with the five-pointed green star in the center (over 10,000 years old). Yet, the people of the modern world have been blatantly misinformed and miseducated about the melanin-rich people of the lands, who are now mislabeled, misidentified, and misclassified intentionally for hateful and envious political reasons, as “Negro,” “Black,” “Colored,” “African-American,” “Indian,” “Ethiopian,” “Latino,” “Hispanic,” and various other unlawfully-assumed property labels used by aggregated oppressors and human traffickers across the globe.


All of the historical chaos that led up to world history having been so terribly falsified and re-written, only for selfish and egotistical gains, by willful participants and parties, has destroyed much of the world and its inhabitants. Such political means of destruction has been on the rise for decades and it is up to the natural people (Moslems) to correct what is being negatively purported by conspirators around the globe. This genocidal endeavor stemmed from the intent of the tyrannical, misguided and deluded heathens and their posterity, who’s negative drive only leads to the madness of wickedness, sin, with insane pursuits towards world domination. These very individuals and their cohorts (whether private or public), have been trying desperately to wipe the true heirs to the majority of the world, from history, while keeping the Moorish heirs in complete darkness about their true heritage, culture, creed, and history. However, the negative karma that has sprouted from the seed of hatred planted by such perpetrators, who have clearly gone against the will of the Creator and of the Creator’s Universe in this part of the galaxy, is clearly being sown thus causing a severe climax to the false, rewritten world history regarding Moors / Muurs, that has been told in deception for hundreds of years to date. With so much of the falsehood and false doctrine that has been spread by the very usurpers responsible for tainting true world history and trying to destroy the Creator’s Divine Works, many have shunned at the motives of the collective corruptors, who have aggressively perverted and tormented the true heirs to the greatest empire that has ever been known on the Earthly Plane.


Now is the said ’time’ for the natural people of the world to wake up on a deeper level and truly understand where each and everyone truly comes from, through bloodline descent (not necessarily including amalgamation bloodline descent – but not ruled out either). Moors / Muurs are the true carriers of the naturally-dominant melanin gene, which is a part of modern genetics, which has its roots of study, manifestation, and application through Ancient Moorish Science. Melanin has been scientifically known and proven to carry vast, beneficial chemical properties for cultivation, adaptation, protection, and evolution overall for natural humanity. Moors / Muurs, who are considered the chosen ones to carry out the will of the Creator for all of humanity, have been reawakening to the absolute truth of who they realistically are and where they genuinely come from (not from just the continent of Africa)…


Let it be known again, that Moors / Muurs are the true bloodline descendants of the Ancient Moabites, who ruled the House of Moab (a noble tribe) in said “Biblical” times, who have been divinely given genuine birthrights, and as having been some of the “first” to have walked the Earthly Plane in humanity. In ancient world history, Moors / Muurs have been granted allodial land, and uniquely possess lawfully reserved allodial land (reconfirmed by United Nations Charter Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007) all throughout the Americas, originally granted by the Pharaohs of Egypt (Hikuptah) via land surveys, who were also Moors / Muurs of higher ranking status in Divine Hierarchy and Order. Moors / Muurs have undoubtedly sojourned the Plains of Morocco before the tectonic plates shifted long, long ago, which caused the “Great Earthquake,” which split / separated the unified land mass into what is modernly known as continents today. In addition, Moors / Muurs have not only traveled all over the world and domiciled upon the lands (as tribes and nations) all over the Earth, but Moors / Muurs also were the original navigators / farers of the seven seas, which were originally identified as: Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf (also referred to as a sea in ancient times).


Although there is still much left to be truthfully revealed and told regarding Moors / Muurs being the true, rightful heirs to the Americas (Al Morocs) around the globe, due to so much impinged controversy, propaganda, and drama upon the people, simply to keep Moors / Muurs in a wrongful, dead (civil liter mortuus), and illegal / unlawful status, much of the truth has been rediscovered and is being shared responsibly and lovingly to help the still oppressed and persecuted Moors / Muurs (the light-bearers) throughout the world. Consequently, after generations of having been conditioned, bred, and convinced that they are those distasteful, undesirable, and dishonourable labels coined by professional tyrants, who made it their utmost goal to keep the true light-bearers in complete darkness, Moors / Muurs of today still believe that they are “Negro,” “Black,” “Colored,” “African-American,” “Indian,” “Ethiopian,” “Latino,” “Hispanic,” and various other unlawfully-assumed property labels forced upon the natural people by Christian slave masters who defeated the mighty Moors / Muurs by a terrible plot that broke the empire. Nonetheless, the truth can no longer be denied and it will set many people free from the unjust suffering that has kept humanity in the re-created ’Dark Ages,’ which was so familiar to the Europeans, who unfairly and unjustly suffered as well throughout world history. Now is the said ’time’, for people of the world to lovingly and respectfully learn from past mistakes and make way for a positive, uplifting future that can lead so many to salvation here and beyond.


Use A Moor Network has taken a moment to re-recognize, honour, and give credit to the aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs of the World. The private operator(s) to Use A Moor Network encourage the nations of the Earth to support the same. For more truthful information, it is encouraged to study wisely and very carefully, since there are many who would try to pervert truth, slander the truthful people with propaganda-creating tactics, and create a false sense of fear, all for the sake of nurturing a dark illusion and sustaining a vile existence for many, for the benefit of ultimate thieves and deceivers of the world. A good place to begin studying rationally and intelligently (if not already studying well) is to visit: R. V. Bey Publications and


Peace & Love to Humanity.

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