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Noble Drew Ali

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Noble Drew Ali

In honour of Noble Drew Ali, who was (and is) a divine, universal prophet, who came to the unconscious Moors / Muurs on the Northwest Amexem / North America Terra, to awaken the rightful heirs to ’The North Gate Estate’, Use A Moor Network’s private operators have prepared this intellectual work as positive contribution to the Living Moorish Nation. Due to historical, international wars that led to the defeat of the Al Moroccan Republic Empire (part being blatantly misidentified today as United States of America – U.S. – U.S.A.), Moors / Muurs lost their lawful, civil, and noble heirship status by deception and birthright theft, which undeniably grants them allodial land estates by land tenure systems created by Ancient Moabites, as well as a multitude of hereditaments and resources (derived from their lands) around the globe.


As direct bloodline descendants to the Ancient Moabites / Moroccans, the usurped and educationally dumbed-down (by intentional, fraudulent design) aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs on the North, South, and Central American continents, as well as the adjoining islands of the continents, have such descendible land and territories through ancient, allodial deeds and titles passed down by their ancient Fore-Mothers and Fore-Fathers. However, the majority of the true and genuine allodial deed and title records to the actual, natural lands and resources, originated by ancient, aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs, were blatantly confiscated by foreign usurpers falsely claiming to have “discovered” America and their paid-off traitors to the Al Moroccan Republic Empire by a malicious and well-orchestrated siege and destroyed by dishonorable, European Albion perpetrators (with the help of traitors among Moors / Muurs), by means of escheating, theft, treachery and overall deceit. Regardless, the universally lawful and descendible birthrights of the Moors / Muurs cannot be changed, as Divine and Universal Laws have been undeniably and irrevocably in place to preserve such rights, for which Moors / Muurs have an Almighty God-given right to reclaim in peace and honour, without belligerent European Albion negative activities and interference, as Moors / Muurs are the true Mothers and Fathers of civilisation, as genuinely educated and scholarly people of the world know it by proven historical science and facts altogether.


Noble Drew Ali was but one of the more recent courageous and noble Moors / Muurs (by divine cosmological selection), who came to the aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs on the Northwest Amexem / North America continent, to restore the persecuted and oppressed Moors / Muurs, to their rightful, lawful, national, and prestigious status and their former honourable glory, as he was ordained by the Great God Allah (through astrological and cosmological science and divine universal order) to do so during his said ’time’ on the Earthly Plane to fulfill holy instructions (by loving universal design – without malicious intent) and purpose to uplift fallen humanity. Noble Drew Ali also founded the Moorish Science Temple of America (a de jure law civics organisation) around 1913 A.D., originally stemmed from the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, to teach the defeated and enslaved Moors / Muurs on the Northwest Amexem / North America of their true identity, Divine birthrights and Ancient Islamic Creed more recently re-preserved by the Free Moorish Zodiac Constitution, copy-written in the Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia by C. M. Bey (Credentials: Truth A1- AA222141), which was unlawfully stripped from them by political theft and the religious trickery of Christianity induced by Emperor Constantine. Nonetheless, Noble Drew Ali succeeded in awakening enough Moors / Muurs on the Northwest Amexem / North America continent to ignite the Moorish Divine & National Movement of the World (M.D.N.M.), which is simply a peaceful and divine anti-terrorism movement (as Moors / Muurs have been kept in fear / terror for many generations by European Albion slave masters and traitor subjugates operating through the bankrupt and de facto UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION COMPANY as subsidiary companies and corporations) for aboriginal and indigenous Moors / Muurs to peacefully and lawfully reclaim their rightful, political and civil status as genuine, natural (not corporate chattel property), national nobles and heirs to their Al Moroccan Estates across the globe.


Peaceful and upright Moors / Muurs all over the world have been in true and loving support of Noble Drew Ali’s powerful, international civics works and are peacefully and lovingly regaining their consciousness, against all odds, while lawfully regaining the estate of the Moors / Muurs “in a battle that cannot be told in words…” In conjunction, even though Noble Drew Ali was (and is) a Divine, Universal Prophet, who catered specifically to the Moors / Muurs on his mission in this life on Northwest Amexem / North America soil, he has helped nations all over the world, including the European Albions, and he did so out of universal love and dedication, which has earned him the honour and respect he has gained and has been receiving continuously throughout the world for over one hundred (100) years to date. And, even though European Albion elitists and their tyrannical, corporate-driven subjects around the world continue to slander Noble Drew Ali and his works, along with causing severe propaganda and character defamation to Noble Drew Ali and to Moors / Muurs all across the globe through various forms of media (including social media) and Internet websites (many even purported by European Barristers / Attorneys and their “Negro” label-bearing slaves, by willful negligence and recklessness), the upright, noble Moors / Muurs still demonstrate tolerance, truth, love, and peace to their constant oppressors and persecutors during one of the greatest national plights in international world history.


Use A Moor Network’s private operators take the time to give absolute honours to Noble Drew Ali for his Divine, universal works and the knowledge he clearly demonstrated (and demonstrates) through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, as well as his overall legacy involving his ultimate national civics contributions to the Al Moroccan Republic Empire. For more truthful information concerning Noble Drew Ali and international civics, a good starting point for genuine studies and international de jure law reference would be to visit R. V. Bey Publications.


Peace and Love to all of Humanity

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